Consignment 101

Split Personality isn’t just a fun place to shop; it’s also a great place to make a few bucks, too.

So how does it all work? Well, before you go cleaning out your closet, remember that when it comes to fashion, Split Personality specializes in the 4 C’s…

  • Clean
  • Current
  •  Cute
  • Classic

Name brands are preferred (but not mandatory), and the item should be three years old or less, unless it’s truly a classic item. If you can bring your clothing in on hangers, great! If not, we may ask you to help us hang them when you get here, just to help us save time. Once you drop off your stuff, we try to process everything and get it out on the floor within a week’s time when possible. We have over 3,800 consigners in database, so please be patient with us.

Feel free to bring in as little or as much as you want (season appropriate). Just understand that we may not take it all. We’re very picky at Split Personality, so, please, don’t be offended. It’s just our way of making sure our customers get the finest quality and most unique looks around.

Everything is tagged, barcoded and placed on the sales floor for a 90-day consignment period. If an item does not sell after 30 days, the price is automatically marked down 25%; after 60 days, the discount is 50%. If an item does not sell after 90 days, you will have the option of either picking the item up or donating (as marked on the consignment agreement).  Items donated become the property of the store.  We actively donate to Professional Outfitters and Variety Shoppe in New Brighton.

Unlike other consignment stores, Split Personality does not charge a consignment fee. The seller gets 40% of the sale price; 50% if the sale is over $100. Whenever Cindy is in the store, we’re glad to pay our sellers in cash if available, otherwise we can cut a check, or the seller can choose to put their sales toward an in-store purchase.

So that’s it! Consignment made easy. Grab your clean, current, cute, and classic looks and bring them down to Split Personality–we’ll be waiting for you!