New York, New York!

On our way to the Big Apple!

Making our way in the Big Apple!

Last week my daughters and I took the Megabus from Pittsburgh to New York to take my youngest, Samantha, to her freshman orientation at Marymount Manhattan College. I can’t believe my baby girl is going off to college! In New York City!! Where did the years go?

Of course, since fashion is my passion, I was so excited to be going to one of the most fashionable cities in the world. This was actually my first time in the Big Apple and, boy, what an experience! One of the first things we learned was to watch out for the taxis. Those cabbies are crazy! Although, we did enjoy playing Jeopardy on the video screens they have in all the cars. Gotta love that Alex Trebek!

Overall it was a great trip. Except for our visit to Bloomingdales, that is. Talk about the opposite of everything we stand for at Split Personality! My daughters and I were basically blown off by every one of the employees, and one extremely rude employee, who was appropriately dressed in all black, nearly ran both me and my daughter over on her way through the store. She must have been late for a meeting with her coven.

Soaking in her new neighborhood!

Soaking in her new neighborhood!

It’s not like we were going to buy anything anyway. I mean, I almost died of a heart attack when I looked at the tag on a top that caught my eye and saw the price—$400! Yikes.

The rest of the trip was much better, thankfully. We stopped by Anthropologie and I got some really cool ideas for table displays and general merchandise presentation. And it was neat to see how in New York almost every store is dog-friendly (FYI: Pets are welcome in Split Personality).

It's always nice to see other stores in action!

It’s always nice to see other stores in action!

Personally, everything was a little too fast-paced for me. I’m more comfortable with the slower, quieter atmosphere we enjoy here in Beaver. But that’s just me. My daughter seemed really excited to hit the big city to begin her college career. She wasn’t too excited about the minuscule closets in her dormitory however. I guess she’ll just have to get better at mix-and-matching. Luckily I know someone who can help her with that. ; )

I don't think all my clothes are going to fit in here!

I don’t think all my clothes are going to fit in here!

We hope to see you soon at Split Personality Consignment—where you can find all the big-city styles without the big-city prices.

(And you don’t have to watch out for those crazy taxi drivers, either.)