Come Inside!

As soon as we saw the online videos that Rusted Sol Pictures did for our friends Linda and Jeff down the street at Castle Toys and Games, we knew we wanted to work with them. Zac Cageao is a talented artist, and we were certain he’d be able to communicate our fun and whimsical store on film.

We actually filmed inside the store and used actual clothing and items from the floor, most notably a super-cool purple sofa that served as the centerpiece of the commercial. And, of course, we invited some of our favorite people from town to star in the video, including adorable Antonella and her handsome little brother, Isaac, as well as the talented Allie, whose mom is one of our team members.

We all had a great time filming it, and Zac and Rusted Sol did an amazing job of capturing Split Personality’s fun, fashionable, and friendly character. So without further ado… enjoy!